Finding inspiration in stunning Slovenia

Ljubljana at sunset from Castle Hill Photograph Guy Edwardes Getty Images

After a damp month in the UK, we have just touched down in snowy Ljubljana – our first home of 2015!

The wintery sky was tinged pink as we jumped in the very handy shuttle, which drops you off at your door for €9. Taxis are for fools, fools I tell you!

After a traditional welcome drink, we settled in to an afternoon of job applications and admin. We find that when we arrive in a new place, we’re too excited to concentrate properly on paid work straight away so we tend to work on tasks that we have been too busy to complete and when they’re done, we head out to explore!

Ljubljana is fairytale gorgeous. This afternoon, we gave this walkable city just enough time for her to show us welcoming cafes, bustling bars and immaculate old buildings before we took refuge in a cafe. As it drops to below zero every day here, it wasn’t long before we resorted to a couple of hot wines. When in Rome! We filled up on traditional goulash with polenta and a beef soup with noodles with lots of bread for dipping.

To our surprise, English is very widely spoken and we have been greeted in our mother tongue everywhere we’ve been today so the language barrier doesn’t seem to exist (anymore). Thankfully, though, the Slovenian magic is still here in abundance so we will be getting lost in the ancient cobbled streets over the next week or so.

Image of Ljubljana at sunset from Castle Hill – Photograph by Guy Edwardes / Getty Images

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