Santa’s little helper

As I typed away over the Christmas holidays, trying to avoid eye contact with the chocolate santa and living on a steady diet of turkey and stuffing sandwiches, I could almost hear a chorus of “serves her right, she’s been off for eight months” over the glugging of mulled wine.


I think it’s fair to say that friends and family are a bit dumbfounded by our freelancing. As regular nine-to-fivers, they are a bit bemused by our working and travelling lifestyle and so when I returned home after not seeing them for eight months to possibly the most chaotic time of year with a sizeable workload, huge job hunt, a Christmas shopping list and a full social diary, I think they thought it terribly odd that I was caveating lunches with timeframes, not watching telly whilst I work (contrary to popular belief) and adhering to a self-enforced curfew.


The thing is, having time off at Christmas (I have now come to realise) is a privilege and although I was able to eat my way though afternoons of mince pies and pull crackers with the rest of them, I was filling many days with lines of text so that I could keep this adventure going.


Almost a year in Latin America does little to curb travel enthusiasm and so whilst our friends and family were dreading Blue Monday, Andy and I were searching for flights on Skyscanner.


After the last bits of turkey had been curried and the baubles were put away for another year, we were on our way to Slovenia.

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